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Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 Valentino Rossi Casco

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AGV Pista GP R + Race 3 Visor

AGV Online Shop Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 Valentino Rossi Casco
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Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 Valentino Rossi Casco

Casco AGV Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 Valentino Rossi

Disfruta el código de descuento pista-5

Casco Agv Pista Gp. Calota exterior realizada prácticamente en su totalidad en fibra de Carbono. Dispone de 4 tamaños de calota. Sistema de ventilación integrado en la calota. Interior totalmente extraíble y lavable. Pantalla plana, antirayas y con tratamiento antivaho. La pantalla incorpora soportes Tear-Off y ofrece protección 100% UV. Incorpora pantallita interior Pin-lock. El mecanismo de la pantalla es de nueva diseño y permite desmontar la pantalla sin herramientas. Cierre con doble anilla. Se vende con pantalla clara. 

Calota exterior: Realizada, prácticamente en su totalidad, en carbono, mezclada con fibra de kevlar y vidrio. Se fabrican cuatro medidas de calota para una mejor adaptabilidad a cada talla. Formas laterales diseñadas para reducir el riesgo de fracturas de clavícula en caso de accidente. La parte de la nuca ha sido diseñada para encajar perfectamente con la "joroba" del mono. 

Calota interna: Fabricada en poliuretano con 5 densidades diferentes para una mejor protección. 

Interior del casco: Sistema totalmente revolucionario que permite ajustar el casco perfectamente a la forma de la cabeza del piloto. Las tiras de velcro se pueden ajustar en diferentes direcciones, así como poner o quitar espumas de la nuca. Las espumas de la zona de las mejillas se pueden "ensanchar" con unas espumas adicionales que se incluyen como accesorio. El interior ha sido diseñado sin costuras y con 3 densidades diferentes para un mayor confort. Está confeccionado con material Dry-lex para una absorción total del sudor y una mayor transpiración. 

Cinta de absorción interna: Se trata de una cinta de material absorbente que queda perfectamente situada en la frente para evitar que el sudor entre en los ojos. 

Corona posterior: Confeccionada en neopreno, permite un ajuste total para que no entre aire ni agua por la parte posterior ni por la barbilla. 

Nueva pantalla: Diseñada en plástico irrompible, con un espesor de 3,3 mm, dispone de cierre "Micro-lock" frontal para evitar que se pueda abrir. Ofrece 15º más de visibilidad frontal y un 9% más de visibilidad total. Incorpora soportes Tear-Off y Pin-lock. 

Nuevo mecanismo de la pantalla: Nuevo diseño reduciendo al máximo el mecanismo (71% más pequeño que en el Gp-Tech) para ganar en protección en la zona lateral. Las piezas son metálicas para una mayor resistencia. Sistema de "roto-translación" en el mecanismo para un perfecto ajuste de la pantalla con el casco. 

Ventilaciones: Dispone de 5 entradas frontales y 3 salidas traseras con tapas de goma extraíbles.

5 estrellas basado en 12 opiniones
Yaqoub 12-11-2017

Best Helmet specially if you have super sport bike, I am riding S1000RR and this helmet is manufactured for speed, there is no helmet like this in opinion
And, Thank you Cahmpionhelmet, my helmet came in good packing, what an outstanding website are you

raphael freitas 25-08-2017


Farid Mohd Muhiddin 01-08-2017

I bought this helmet on May 2017 via Champion Helmets website. Received it around 8 days after placing the order which was excellent. Love the graphics and super lightweight. Will order again with Champion Helmets as they never disappoint. Thanks Champion Helmets!

Sascha Herrmann 23-05-2017

Perfekter Service / Schneller Versand!

Zwar kein billiger Helm, aber dafür in Verarbeitung, Design und Tragekomfort Das beste was ich bis jetzt hatte!
Klare Kaufempfehlung.

Raul Nevarez 27-04-2017

WOW!!! Beautiful helmet!! looks much nicer in person! Champion helmets rock!

Seung Suk Han 17-03-2017

I pre ordered this helmet mid January 2017. I received it today on March 16, 2017. Let me say "WOW". I own previous AGV Crosa Soleluna helmet. Right away, I could tell the weight difference. Since its carbon fiber, it's so much lighter. The graphics, colors are amazing and it stands out. The spoiler on the helmet is so big. This is a bad ass helmet. Thanks Championhelmets.

Danny 06-03-2017

Wow, where do I start... I’ve been waiting for this release ever since the first sighting in the opening round of Qatar 2016, so waiting patiently is an understatement. I just received my Pista GP-R on Friday, March 03, 2017 (helmet was ordered on Feb 16…, so two weeks to west coast US from the NL.), and I’m still so excited that I actually own this helmet!

The Pista GP-R is an absolute beauty (hoping to be objective as much as I can, not just seeing as a Rossi replica…), even more so than the original Pista GP. Comparing both GP-R and the GP side by side (looking at both while typing this…), the actual carbon shell seems to be identical to the previous model. The overall feel, craftsmanship, and the details, seems to be even better than the previous iteration. Most of the improvements seem to be in the interior of the helmet (you could read that from the manu’s site), but one thing I did notice was the omission of the forehead “sweat” band in the new model. The new GP-R definitely feels LIGHTER from my “seat-of-the-pants lifting the new helmet, and lifting the old helmet numerous times back-to-back.” The fit is almost just like the current GP (size L in both), but just a tad more “snug” and more “engulfing” in the cheek area (perhaps it’s brand new and needs a ride or two to break-in and make it more fitted).

Exterior wise, only noticeable visual improvements seem to be the front nose air-scoop, the forehead air-intake frame (it’s shiny matelic finish now), the honeycomb metal mesh (has a metallic finish as well), the rear exhaust air-out frame cover (venturi effect?), and the rear winglet (which is bigger and looks cooler).

One of the things I was really curious about was if this new model could be fitted with the previous “Pista GP” and “Corsa” FACESHILEDS! And I could 100% confirm that the previous faceshields (visors) WILL work on the new helmets! The install mechanisms and the measurements are all almost exactly same. The only noticeable difference is that new faceshields are made thicker (from 3mm to 5mm...?).

Overall, I’m more than happy with this helmet and this purchase. Would I have spent such fortune (relative, of course) if it weren’t a Valentino Rossi replica? Most likely not. Would I still have given a favorable praise of this helmet? Absolutely! AGV made huge leaps and bounds when they first introduced the Pista GP (compared to the previous top-of-the-range “GP-Tech”), and they made this new Pista GP-R more refined and better than the previous. Lighter, Faster, and Better!


Jörg 05-03-2017

Den Helm nach kurzer Zeit erhalten. Leuchtende Farben und super Verarbeitung. Freuen uns auf die Saison 2017. Vielen Dank.

Mo 02-03-2017

I will start this review by stating how brilliant the service of Champion Helmets is evrey representitive i have interacted with thru email was awesome . If it was'nt for Champion Hekmets i would not have been able to own any of my fantastic AGV Pista & Corsa helmets . I can bet that i am one of the first owners of such helmet in the USA thank you all so much specially Joaud who goes above & beyond customer service satisfation . Now lets get to the fantastic brilliant awesome GPR helmet that is made in ****Italy **** its a piece of art evrey additional detail & improvement of this model from the older GP model is amazing & very functional way better air flow , cooler interiot , solid fit , Air outlet functions better , rear spoiler add more stability in windy conditions , top notch interior padding , georgous paint job & scheme , Btw the visor of the GP or Corsa will fit the GPR which is a huge plus & money savings , the new design rear spoiler will fit the Pista Gp & the Corsa perfectly . That spoiler gives the helmet a fantastic look . The only issue for me is AGV should have made their first Pista GP R model a limited edition model simply because such magnificent helmet deserves such status . Joauad Rules :)

Luca Cavadini 27-02-2017

Il casco è arrivato oggi. Come tutti i caschi di valentino uno spettacolo. Curioso di provare il sistema di idratazione.

angel angelov 21-01-2017

Hi I want to ask when will operate the store you can order a helmet can call you on the phone to me hanged for it?

Paul 04-07-2016

When will you have this?

5 estrellas basado en 12 opiniones