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X-802R REPLICA ULTRA Carlos Checa casque

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X-802R REPLICA ULTRA Carlos Checa casque

X-lite X-802R REPLICA ULTRA Carlos Checa casque

X-LITE vous présente son casque intégral X-802R :

  • Casque moto en fibre composite
  • 3 tailles de calotte pour un meilleur ajustement
  • Intérieur démontable et lavable
  • Entrées d'air sur le devant et extracteurs à l'arrière
  • Écran clair anti-rayures pré-disposé Pinlock (fourni), à démontage rapide
  • Bavette anti-remous et cache-nez amovibles
  • Fermeture par boucle double-D, plus sécurisante

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Daniele 05-04-2017

Casco fantastico!!!!
Ottimo prodotto...Essendo in carbonio è molto leggero e comodo da indossare.
Le rifiniture sono molto curate ed ha una grafica fantastica...

R1 fanatic 03-08-2016

This is my first X-lite/Nolan helmet and I am really impressed. This helmet is extremely light and very comfortable right out the box. I own top of the range helmets from all major manufactureres: Arai, Shoei, AGV and the fit and comfort of this helmet is right up there with my favorite helmet AGV Pista. This helmet will fit someone with a round oval shape perfectly. The only complaint I have is the helmet isnt the most quiet and it does not flow as much air as I would like, but it is not my priority in a helmet anyway. I would choose lightness over noise or air flow any day. Awesome helmet, and a great price.

Renand San Felipe 10-10-2015

I've owned the X-Lite x802 Moon replica in the past and this lid is a bit of an upgrade from it. Of course, being full carbon, it is a little lighter than the X802 (and the 'regular X802r).
The view through the visor while wearing the helmet is great. It reminds me a lot of the eye port of the AGV corsa. No low horizon problems, wide field of view. The tiny complaint I would have is that you can't see the tachometer unless you physically move your head down. Minor gripe aside, the field of view is amazing.
Little to no wind buffeting at speed.
Can't really comment on how "quiet" the lid is because I always wear ear plugs when I ride. Venting is really good though. This helmet moves a ton of air.

5 étoile(s) selon 3 évaluation(s)