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Pista GP Project 46 2.0 Hjälm

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Pista GP Project 46 2.0 Hjälm

AGV Pista GP Project 46 2.0 Hjälm

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4.9 stjärnor baserat på 35 omdömen
Sunny Ho 17-05-2016

A very well constructed and light helmet!

There was an issue with the delayed shipping however, when I emailed Champion Helmets, Jaouad responded very quickly and sorted the matter quickly.

Despite the minor hiccup, I will definitely buy more items from them.

Wickham Chen 24-07-2015

非常简约的设计 但却是特别的帅气 非常棒的卖家值得推荐

Patrick Schlupp Coelho 12-09-2014

Excelente esse capacete! Sem palavras para descrever quanto fiquei satisfeito! Um ótimo trabalho Champion Helmets!! Obrigado!!!!!!

Chris 31-08-2014

I must say the service on Champion Helmets is super! Jaouad was great in responding to all my questions promptly. I ordered the AGV Pista GP Carbon and it arrived no sooner than I expected. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I will not hesitate to buy another helmet from Champion Helmets next time. :)

Hui Guo Song 08-08-2014

Very nice seller !!!
well prepared shipment , fast shipping , comfortable and fast communication .
appreciated the little gift , it was a real surprise .

Kenneth Erickson 02-06-2014

First let me say champion helmets is the only place I will buy my helmets from now on. Customer service was great and emails answered promptly.

The AGV Pista GP project 46 is an amazing helmet. Very light stylish and the protection it offers is second to none. I love this helmet. Some say it's noisy but I found it on average with other top of the line helmets I have tried. Fit is great for track or street riding and gives you the confidence to push on the bike knowing you are as protected as much as possible. When I am on the street this helmet gets so much attention everywhere I go. I don't think I have been out yet where someone haven't asked about this work of art. It's amazing. It costs a bit more than average but well worth the money. I bought the race dark smoke visor with mine and it's just beautiful. I just ordered the Rossi doubleface helmet from championhelmets. Cannot wait to get my hands on that one. Although it's the corsa model I will be able to post my impressions between the Pista and the Corsa.

Ken from Michigan

黃裕桓 08-04-2014

好漂亮的帽子!通風好、重量輕!雖然等待好久才收到,但是好喜歡!極力推薦的賣家!Good seller!

Harald A. 23-03-2014

Der PistaGP ist ein hervorragender Helm und erfüllt alle meine Erwartungen! Der Service von champion helmets war ebenso ausgezeichnet und kann ich somit nur weiterempfehlen! Vielen Dank!!!

Сергей Самара 19-03-2014

Привет из России! Шлем получил! Все отлично! Искал по всем магазинам в мире. Здесь цена оказалась самая низкая, поэтому и купил. + сделали бесплатный подарок.

Michael K. 10-02-2014

Der AGV Pista GP Project 46 ist ein hervorragender Helm der Spitzenklasse. Er ist absolut leicht und sehr aerodynamisch, was ihn für Rennstreckenfahrten unumgänglich mach. Es gibt definitiv andere, gute Helme die sich für Rennen eignen, aber Empfehlen kann ich nur den Pista GP. Wer eher in der Stadt und ab und zu auf dem Land fährt, sollte lieber zum AGV Corsa oder einem anderen Helm greifen. Diese sind nicht so stark auf die Rennstrecke optimiert, was dem Kokomfort (wie z.Bsp. mechanische Lufteinlässe) zu gute Kommt. Seine Passform ist sehr gut und falls doch irgendwo etwas drückt oder ein wenig fehlt, stellt das für den PistaGp kein Problem dar. Es lassen sich ganz einfach die mitgelieferten Polster einstecken bzw. entfernen und schon sitzt er. Im Lieferumfang sind sowohl PinLock scheibe, Polster, TearOff-Folien, als auch Anleitungen und Ohrstöpsel. Diese sind bei längeren Fahrten auf der Rennstrecke auch zu empfehlen, da der PistaGp nicht der leiseste Helm ist. Muss er aber auch nicht, denn auf der Strecke ist es immer laut und mehr Dämmung macht ihn nur schwerer. Von daher gibt es für das Produkt 5-Sterne. Der Service von Championhelmets.com ist- wei der Helm - absolut Top. Obwohl ich Anfangs etwas Bedenken hatte wegen der niedrigen Preise ( Speziell für den PistaGp), habe ich diese schnell verworfen aufgrund des soliden Service. Jede meiner eMails wurde so schnell es ging beantwortet. Und das sogar am Sonntag!! Ich musste auch noch einmal umbestellen, selbst das ging problmlos einfach. Ich habe mich sogar der Größe des Helmes wegen beraten lassen, selbst hier bekam ich sofort eine Antwort. Top Service und top Preise!! Danke an Jaouad und Championhelmets.com !!

Chris Nathaniel 03-02-2014

Amazing helmet. Looks even better in the flesh. Amazing service from Champion Helmets too!

Benoit levesque 21-01-2014

Je suis du Québec (Canada) et Champion Helmet m'ont offert le meilleur prix. Le service est parfait. Les gens de chez Champion répondent rapidement aux questions. Ils offrent un excellent service avant, pendant et après la vente. Le casque est tout simplement WOW. Excellent emballage de livraison avec des foams à l'intérieur de la boite pour maximiser la protection lors du transport. Le casque est d'une finition à couper le souffle.Le clear qui protège la fibre de carbone est impeccable. L'intérieur du casque est facilement détachable pour le lavage et est d'un très bon confort.La vitre se pose et se retire facilement. J'ai acheté une vitre iridium blue se qui donne un superbe look au casque. Le design du casque est à couper le souffle. Je n'ai jamais eu un casque aussi léger !! Le champs de vision est très large et les trous d'aération sont immenses. Merci pour l'excellent service et je recommande Champion Helmet. Benoit Lévesque Québec (Canada).

matt buljan 09-01-2014

Just received my project 46 and first thing you notice is how light the helmet is. Coming from other top line brands
Such as shoei and arai the agv pista gp far exceeds them in "field of view" much more perifiral vision which is always welcome
The overall finish of the product is very impressive expecially the depth of the clearcoat giving that deep wet carbon look
Probably the best feature is the noticeable lack of wind resistance/buffetting at high speeds compared to previous helmets ive owned
The only negetive points I found were that the visor catch can be a tad tricky to open with one hand on the fly, the interior could do with a
little more padding foam is kinda HArD, and I should have known when I saw the earplugs included that it has a hell of a lot of windnoise
even at low speeds but after all it is a race bred lid and the benefits far outway the negatives.
I also must ad that the customer service from champion helmets. Com was first class always kept me informed on the
progress of my order and very quick email responses.
Matt Perth ....Australia

Martin Hartmann 09-01-2014

Der Pista GP ist ein absolut großartig-Helm mit super Design, Verarbeitung und hervorragender Passform. Das Sichtfeld ist riesig und sehr komfortabel. Habe das erstes mal bei Champion Helmets bestellt und bin während des gesamten Prozesses bei Fragen im auf dem aktuellsten stand informiert wurden. Jaouad hat auf meine e-Mails geantworten, auch nach den Geschäftszeiten. Der Kundenservice ist ausgezeichnet. Anfangs hatte ich einige Bedenken über die Bestellung von einer internationalen Website, aber diese Bedenken waren umsonst,der Helm kam in einer angemessenen Zeitspanne, und in einwandfreiem Zustand. Ich werde auch in Zukunft auf jeden Fall bei Champion Helmets bestellen. Danke

Zimma 09-01-2014

The AGV Pista GP Project 46 Valentino Rossi Carbon is as you would expect from a helmet carry the number 46.
Well thought out, Brilliantly by design and manufactured to perfection.

Champion helmets ARE champions in my opinion. The customer service was A1 despite a delay in delivery, but that was because of manufacturing and product demand, rather sales distribution.

אריאל 08-01-2014

הקסדה הכי טובה שיש. קלה מאד.נוחה.זוית ראיה גדולה.פשוט מומלץ!!!

Simon Swingler 08-01-2014

The AGV Pista GP is a great helmet. The field of vision is exceptional, far better than the Arai RX7GP it replaced. Light weight and high quality visor retention system make it a joy to own. Highly recommended.

Tony 03-11-2013

The Pista is an absolutely gorgeous helmet. Love the fit and finish. The fit is a little snug, but to be expected, as it is a racing helmet. Also, the field of vision is a big difference from my other helmets. I would recommend using the pinlock insert that is included with the helmet. Without it, the visor fogs easily due to it being so close to your face. Also, there is a lot of wind noise but again, as a racing helmet, that is to be expected. I always ride with noise cancelling type earphones or earplugs anyway.

This is my first time ordering from Champion helmets, and throughout the whole process of me asking a lot of questions even before making the purchase, they've been very helpful. Jaouad was replying to my emails even after business hours (I am in the US timezone), sometimes as late as 9 pm. The customer service is excellent.

Initially I had some concerns about ordering from an international site, as far as the amount of time to get to me as well as the condition of the package, but the helmet came in a reasonable amount of time, and in perfect condition. I will definitely be ordering from Champion helmets again in the future. Thanks!

Chris T. 31-10-2013

First off I'd like to say that buying from Champion Helmets was a great experience. Not only do they have great prices on a variety of helmets, but there is also great customer service and communication. No matter what my question I always got a timely response and when my helmet shipped I even received a phone call to let me know..First class service!

Now onto the Pista GP helmet.....This helmet is AMAZING IN PERSON!!! The depth of the carbon and the graphics really make this helmet a true work of art. The fitment is perfect and is by far the lightest helmet i have ever owned.

Thanks again Champion Helmets!

HS KHO 31-10-2013

A bit fogging for street riding. However, superbly comfortable and gives a good viewing angle for track use. The best.

Joe Zng 24-10-2013

Just received the helmet today. Very light compared to my old Titech AGV. Eye Glasses friendly. The internal adjustment features are so good, you could fine tune all the fitting inside to match your head shape. Staffs at Champion helmets are very helpful and super quick response to emails and calls. Totally worth the waiting time. Thumb up again,

Victor Gonzalez 23-10-2013

Tengo una semana que llego y la verdad el mejor casco , liviano , aerodinámico y en lo estético muy bonito gracias champion helmets cumplieron

Mohamed irwan Aziz 29-08-2013

This helmets is by far the nicest helmets available on the market today. It took quite some waiting before I got but it looks superb. I love the carbon look and it is extremely light. Thank you guys you did an excellent job with providing me always a quick reaction. Thanks so much, a photo on facebook will follow. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur

Harry Hansen 14-08-2013

I got this helmet about a week ago, and have been testing it ever since, at high speeds, low speeds, in traffic etc.

This is in my opinion the best helmet available by a long way. The aerodynamics of the AGV Pista GP along with the very light weight, make it feel almost as though you're not wearing a helmet at all. Even looking over your shoulder at high speeds is very comfortable, because of the high tech shape. It may seem like a lot of money for a helmet, but after seeing it in person and wearing it, it is worth every cent and then some.
The helmet is a thing of beauty as well. There are no pictures that can do it justice. Until you have held it in your hands, you won't really be able to appreciate the full beauty of this work of art.
I have had AGV helmets before, and to be honest, was not really impressed with the quality of the ones I had, but the AGV Pista GP is flawlessly built with exceptional materials. It's finish looks like it may be delicate, or shatter easily due to the high gloss carbon, but I have also been able to test it's durability, when my daughter dropped it from about 5 feet onto concrete. It bounced twice, and upon close inspection, I could only find one small almost unnoticeable mark which I was able to polish out easily and a small scratch on the windshield. I was expecting a lot more damage from a hard fall like the one it took.

If you're considering this helmet, just get it. It's money well spent and you won't regret it for a second. Championhelmets were amazing to deal with, the service is exceptional and it was delivered to me at the estimated time (quick shipping to the US), even though the rest of the world seems to be out of stock. They were also by far the cheapest around, and threw in some extra goodies in the box.

All around this has been a fantastic experience.

As far as size goes, I fit quite comfortably into a medium Shoei RF1000, and I got the Medium in this helmet. The AGV Pista GP is a tad tighter than the Shoei, but that is to be expected in a "race fit" helmet like this. I was worried it may be too tight when I first tried it on but after just a few days it's very comfortable.

Herwig Teringl 31-07-2013

This is the best helmet ever, i love it.
I have waited for 3 months but today he arrived.
Champions Helmets = Best quality, Best price, best service!

Big thanks!

phil dickey 25-06-2013

Champion helmets delivers a cutting edge helmet again early and way before anyone else. This helmet is awesome and this company is just as awesome all my friends know where I got my Pista Carbon VR 46!!!!

Thank you so much !!


Mohamed Ben Arfa 01-05-2013

Great helmet, Vale is the best!

Marijn Langeveld 09-04-2013

De Pista GP Limited edition is een uitstekende helm, hij zit erg comfortabel en ziet er bruut uit. Bedankt Champion helmets voor de uitstekende service. Altijd behulpzaam en erg snelle reacties op mijn mails, zeker een aanrader!
Marijn (de Brabo)

Carlos Hernandez 05-04-2013

Great helmet, great webshop, great service! Seriously guys, you did a great job! Thank you very much for all you patience and replies :-)

I will definitely recommend you.

Howard Brockowitz 01-04-2013

The Pista GP is by far the best helmet I've had so far. Design looks great, the carbon is extremely light and it is really comfortable around the head. This is definitely the helmet to beat right now

Yong-Li Shenzi 18-03-2013

Very good helmet - it is the best of this time

Muhammed Mukhtar 13-03-2013

Mine was delivered today morning, super light weight helmet. Superb design, nice and comfortable. They really outdone themselves this time at AGV. Thank you Champion Helmets. My compliments

Jason Rouse 11-03-2013

The best helmet I've had so far. I had an Arai before - which is also a high quality brand - but the Pista is another class. Super light-weight, comfortable around my face, and a very slick design. Compliments to AGV, the pista is the best helmet they made.

Jonathan Rosenthal 05-03-2013

I received this helmet a couple of days ago. The carbon fiber not only looks awesome it is surprisingly light. The design is awesome, with the detailed icons nicely balancing the black and fluo colors. Little noise and it shapes nicely around my head. I am very content with it.

alferd rodriguez 02-03-2013

esta precioso y creo k es lo mejor k e visto

4.9 stjärnor baserat på 35 omdömen