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Product description Motorcycle Pants

Some people wonder why it is necessary to wear motorcycle pants. The answer is very simple, for safety. If you happen to make a fall with your motorcycle and end up on the road surface, you usually slide on. Through this slide you could get burns and abrasions. You will be protected against this if you wear motorcycle pants. Regular clothing breaks very quickly and therefore does not offer the necessary protection. Furthermore, motorcycle pants also offer protection against the wind and rain while driving. Motorcycle trousers are available in leather, textile and textile with Kevlar.

Which types of motorcycle pants are there?

Motorcycle pants can be divided into sporty motorcycle pants, touring motorcycle pants and motorcycle pants for the city.

Sporty motorcycle pants offer a lot of protection through protection parts and wear-resistant leather, should you unexpectedly come into contact with the asphalt. Furthermore, they must sit comfortably while driving. Sporty motorcycle pants are generally from leather. On a sports motor a leather motorcycle pants gives the best grip, especially in the bends.

Touring motorcycle pants give a lot of protection against damage to your legs during a fall and they also offer a lot of protection against different weather conditions. Touring pants consist of leather, textile or Kevlar. Kevlar is processed in certain parts of a motorcycle pants to strengthen it and sometimes the entire inside of a motorcycle pants is strengthened with Kevlar.

Motorcycle pants for the city are mostly lightweight, textile motorcycle pants that are comfortable and flexible. They offer the necessary protection for the motorcycle or scooter and they are comfortable to wear all day long. These types of trousers consist of textile and they are often strengthened with Kevlar. Examples of this are motorcycle jeans.

Motor jeans:

Nowadays motorcycle jeans are widely worn in the city. These trendy motorcycle pants are nice to wear because of the flexible light denim fabric. This denim fabric is often reinforced at the buttocks, side seams and knees with Kevlar or Cordura. Denim fabric is rather thick and solid, but if it comes into contact with asphalt without Kevlar or Cordura reinforcement, it will be torn. You also have motorcycle jeans that are completely reinforced with Kevlar fibers or Cordura thread. Motor jeans are generally prepared for protection parts.

What are the most important characteristics of a motorcycle pants?

Material of a motorcycle pants:

A motorcycle pants usually consists of leather or textile.
Leather is the safest material for motorcycle clothing. The leather that most motorcycle pants are made of is cow leather. This leather is wear-resistant and durable. Compared to other types of leather that are used for pants, it is the most affordable. Furthermore, you have Goat leather that is more expensive. It is soft and flexible and extremely durable. And kangaroo leather is the most expensive. It is also super strong, flexible, light and thin. The leather forms itself to your body over time and that is utmost comfortable on the bike.
Textile motorcycle pants usually consist of the wear-resistant material Cordura, Kevlar, denim and others. Cordura is wear-resistant and strong and therefore very durable. Kevlar is a breathable, wear-resistant and heat-resistant fiber that prevents the tearing of the motorcycle pants. Denim is a thick and sturdy fabric that is used a lot for motorcycle jeans. Kevlar is usually added to strengthen it.

Protection of a motorcycle pants:

Motorcycle pants are essential for the protection of your legs when riding a motorcycle. The Pants offer optimal protection to your legs by means of protection parts and wear-resistant material. Textile motorcycle pants are often provided with a membrane that offers protection against weather conditions. Furthermore, motorcycle pants can be attached to the jacket by means of a zipper, which contributes to the protection.

Fit of the motorcycle pants:

With a textile motor pants, the fit must be right from the start. The leather motorcycle pants on the other hand does feel uncomfortable in the beginning because of the stiff property of leather and after a while the fit becomes even better than with a textile pants. This is so because the leather forms to the body and fits like a second skin. Stretch material is often applied to expand the fit and freedom of movement.

Lining / Membrane of motorcycle pants:

Motorcycle pants often have a removable and washable thermal lining that insulates heat. This makes it possible to use the pants for all seasons. There are also motorcycle pants with removable linings that are moisture absorbent, to absorb sweat. With Waterproof Motorcycle pants, a membrane is often added with one of the following properties: windproof, waterproof, water-repellent and breathable. Depending on the price, the membrane can contain all four properties. This membrane is called the Gore-Tex membrane.

Ventilation of motorcycle pants:

The Air-Vented motorcycle pants get ventilated through perforated parts in the leather at the front and back so that the wind can flow through them. The textile trousers usually have lockable ventilation openings behind which is perforated material. This gives sufficient cooling while driving.

Budget for motorcycle pants:

The price of a motorcycle pants depends on different properties such as material and membrane. A leather motorcycle pants is generally more expensive than a textile motorcycle pants. And motorcycle pants with a Gore-Tex membrane are generally more expensive than a membrane with 1 property. We have textile motorcycle pants from 150 euros to 430 euros and the leather motorcycle pants are from 290 to 440 euros

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