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Motorcycle jackets are available in many different styles, materials and qualities. Dainese, Alpinestars and Rev'It are the market leaders among the many suppliers. A good motorcycle jacket is comfortable and provides protection against all weather conditions and falls or glides. In addition to comfort and protection, the jacket must also look good, because you want to look your best. Motorcycle jackets are divided into leather and textile. The purchase of a motorcycle jacket also depends on what kind of motorcycle you ride and what you use your motorcycle for. Someone who uses the motor as a means of transport to work will make different demands on a coat than someone who makes a joy ride on the bike in good weather. We will describe the different types of motorcycle jackets below.

Different types of motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jacket for the sporty driver:

The protection is very important for a sporty rider and that is why they often go for leather motorcycle jackets. The sporty rider sits in a bent over position on his bike. This posture finds most comfort in a short leather jacket, tightly fit to the body or a motorcycle suit. These do not fit annoyingly at high speeds. And the leather offers optimal protection when sliding or falling. In addition, leather has the characteristic tough appearance.

Motorcycle jacket for the touring rider:

For the touring rider, comfort and quality are especially important. The touring rider sits on his bike in a normal sitting position and makes long journeys in all kinds of weather. The tour rider is more likely to make use the functional textile jacket. Textile motorcycle jackets are better suited for the touring rider because of the waterproof, windproof, water repelling or breathable membranes that are incorporated in the jackets. This gives the touring rider optimal comfort in all weather conditions. The rider who uses the motorcycle as a means of transport to work also chooses these types of jackets because of their high quality and the fact that you can wear your normal clothing under them.

Motorcycle jacket for the cruiser:

The cruiser sits in a relaxed position on the bike. They are also touring riders but with a completely different type of motorcycle and appearance. They wear leather motorcycle jackets that are generally different from the sporty leather jackets. The cruiser jackets are usually brown or black leather with few extra bells and whistles and have a somewhat rougher appearance.

Motorcycle jacket for the scooter rider:

Scooter riders often use their vehicle as a means of transport to work and for rides in the city. They drive a lot in the urban environment. Extra attention is being paid to the appearance of the motorcycle clothing. You have scooter riders who wear protective motorcycle hoodies instead of a jacket, or a neat 3-quarter jacket with protection, or a casual textile motorcycle jacket with protection that looks like a regular jacket. This kind of jackets are ideal if you have to wear them all day. You experience it almost as normal clothing with the advantages of motorcycle clothing (protection).

Important features of the motorcycle jacket

Material of the motorcycle jacket:

Motorcycle jackets are made of leather or textile. Leather is used because it offers a lot of protection. In general cow-hide leather is used and sometimes kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is more expensive because it is thinner and finer than cowhide leather but offers the same protection. In addition, kangaroo leather wears less quickly than cowhide leather. Kangaroo leather is often used for certain parts on a jacket, for example the stretch parts. A characteristic of leather is that if you wear a jacket for the first time it is not very comfortable. After a while, the same jacket feels like a second skin. The leather forms itself to your body. Leather motorcycle jackets are not meant to wear normal clothing underneath.

Textile jackets are very functional. The motorcyclist can wear everyday clothing underneath. The textile jackets usually have a membrane or a removable thermal lining. Partly because of this they can be worn all year round. There is a wide range of textile motorcycle jackets. This can be subdivided into a functional part and an externally oriented part. And in addition to men's jackets there are also ladies’ motorcycle jackets.

Protection of the motorcycle jacket:

There always is CE-approved protection on the shoulders and elbows. You have different levels of protection within this CE-approved protection. The level depends on the surface and hardness of the protection. Level 1 is standard and level 2 is the extended version. There are often separate protection parts available. With some jackets you can adjust the protection parts so that they are exactly where they belong for optimal protection. Often, reflective material is applied to motorcycle jackets so that the rider stands out in traffic for his own protection.

Fit of the motorcycle jacket:

It is important that you purchase the right size jacket. Furthermore, some jackets are  with push buttons and Velcro at the sleeves and at the waist a drawstring to adjust the fit. Leather jackets will form to your body over time, resulting in a perfect fit.

Membrane of motorcycle jacket:

Membranes are applied to make the jackets waterproof, windproof, water-repellent and breathable. With leather jackets, this is generally not done, because the rider will drive more often in good weather. A jacket that has a membrane that has all 4 properties is usually suitable for the whole year.

Ventilation of the motorcycle jacket:

Textile motor summer jackets usually have ventilation openings that you can open and underneath there is perforated material. Sporty leather motorcycle jackets often come in a perforated version because you get warm during racing due to the deep intensity and concentration. And sporty leather motorcycle jackets are usually worn with good weather and then every fresh breeze is welcome.

Budget motorcycle jacket:

The price of a motorcycle jacket depends on different properties, such as material, protection, membrane and extra functions. Leather jackets are generally more expensive than textile jackets, especially when they have a membrane. Furthermore, a jacket with only level 1 protection is cheaper than a similar jacket with a level 2 protection. The luxurious jackets have extra functions such as reflection and ventilation and that is expressed in the price. You can purchase a textile jacket from 130 to 670 euros and a leather jacket from 330 to 860 euros.

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