Nolan Full-Face Helmets

Full-Face Helmets

The Full-face helmet is worn a lot both on the track and on the road. It is also the most common type of helmet. The Helmet consists of one complete construction that covers the whole head. Partly because of this, the full-face helmet offers the best protection compared to other types of helmets such as the Modular Helmet or the Jet Helmet.

If you would like to buy an Full-face helmet online, it is useful to consider the following points:

  • Budget: in which budget do I search for a helmet? There are helmets available from a few tens to several thousand euros, so there is a lot of choice. Are you just starting with motorcycling? Realize that you have good entry-level models from such a 150-200. You do not have to expect quality under this price point
  • Use: What am I going to use the helmet for? Will you use the motorcycle repeatedly as a means of transport, go for a well-insulated helmet and invest in a good helmet for the coming years. After all, you do not buy a helmet every year, so keep the use well in mind.
  • Features: Which features do I find important? Think of a good quality visor, an integrated sun visor or not, an anti-fog Pinlock visor, fit,
  • Isolation: How important is the isolation? A helmet does not have to be quiet on the circuit, you use ear plugs after all. But for regular road use, the isolation of a helmet is an important issue. There is a big difference in quality of the inner lining. A good lining is: antibacterial, removable, washable, sound-isolating, has Quick Release and ventilates excellently. With the helmets in the higher price segment, you can expect all of these properties.
  • Weight & Material: the better helmets are made of ultra-lightweight materials such as Carbon, Fiberglass and Polycarbonate. These materials have the property that they are extremely strong. The quality brands often use Carbon and Fiberglass for their better models.

Today's full-face sports helmets are equipped with sophisticated designs with streamlined spoilers to provide greater stability even at high speeds. There are hundreds of different providers. The better quality brands in the field of full-face helmets are: AGV, Shoei, Schuberth, HJC and Shark. These often offer an entry-level model (which is cheaper and less equipped) and a top model (full-option and uses the best materials and accessories). Do you have questions about choosing an integral helmet that suits you best? Send an email to [email protected] and we will gladly advise you further.

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