Scorpion Covert-X Helmets

Scorpion Covert-X Product Description

The Scorpion Covert-X, as with its predecessor the Scorpion EXO Combat has once again redefined the term “aggressive motorcycle helmet”. With its redesigned ventilation and face mask, this helmet is perfect for those looking for a stylish helmet to complement their bike.

While Scorpion have also released the new Covert X helmet as a new entry in the Covert line, the two helmets are still very similar being directly related to each other. That’s why we’ve gone with reviewing the Scorpion CovertX today since it takes that Scorpion coolness level and dials it up to 11.

An important point to also note is that though the Covert helmet may look like a full-face helmet with the front mask on, it is only going to offer as much protection as an open face helmet.

This helmet has a recommended retail price of about 280 Euros, or about 300 US Dollars. At this price point, this helmet will compete with the Shark Street Drak, the Shark S-Drak 2, and the Caberg Ghost Carbon.


Shell Material

The outer shell of the Covert-X is made of Ultra-TCT composite and the mask is injection molded LG polycarbonate. This shell material is a combination of multi-layered fiberglass, aramid, and polyresin to reduce minimize weight, and maximize strength and impact dispersal. This helmet also comes in 2 shell sizes, which is pretty standard for this end of the open face helmet market.

The Covert-X also uses a micro-ratchet chin strap and will give you an intermediate oval head shape. Lastly, this helmet does deliver on its outer shell promise since it comes in weighing at about 1220 grams in a size L with all the attachments on.


For ventilation, the Scorpion Cover-X comes with two adjustable vents on either side of the crown that you can open with the two tabs to form the helmet's aero tuned ventilation system. They are a bit small, but since this is a jet helmet you can still expect to get air in through the chin area of the helmet.

With the face mask on, the helmet offers plenty of ventilation through the ventilation holes in the mask, which have been covered with a fine mesh to keep debris out. To let air out, there is an exhaust under the neck roll. While this is a bit on the sparse side, this is a jet helmet and you’ll be getting a ton of airflow anyway.


The Covert-X features pretty much the same features in terms of the helmet’s visor to its predecessor the Exo-Combat. This means the helmet has a replaceable drop-down visor with tabs on either side and it has an anti-fog coating on it. An additional dark smoke visor is also included in the box with the helmet.

The mask is easily removed using two buttons on either side of the helmet. And, when the mask is not mounted, there are also two covers that come with the helmet. Versions produced for the American market also allow you to remove the neck cover to turn the Covert-X into a half helmet. However, this is not possible on European versions like this one.



The liner of the ScorpionEXO Covert-X is Scorpion’s KwikWik 3 liner which is removable, washable, anti-microbial, and moisture wicking. The helmet uses a micrometric buckle which has now been padded for a bit of extra comfort.

This helmet has also been prepared for a communication system with additional speaker pockets.

To remove the liner, the cheek pads are attached with some Velcro and an additional button. The material feels comfortable, though a little basic. To remove the comfort liner there are two buttons at the back and forehead snaps at the front. Again, the liner is spartan, but it does have some holes in it to help with ventilation.

The helmet also has deep EPS grooves to improve airflow throughout the interior.


Though the Covert-X won’t offer the high-level frills of the Shoei J-Cruise 2, it will more than deliver on style. It also offers plenty of value for money thanks to the multiple configurations that are available and the helmet’s low price. Additionally, it will also ventilate very well.

If you’re still curious to learn more about the Scorpion Covert-X, make sure to check out our Scorpion Covert-X Video Review and Road Test on our YouTube channel